Goodbye Sweet Gary

Gary Le Mel passed away July 6th, 2019.

UPDATE: A celebration for Gary will be held this Saturday September 7th at Warner Brothers Studios. Must be on guest list to enter through security. RSVP mandatory.

Gary was the harmonic voice for The 5th Dementia band. You could hear his voice break through all of the musical instruments and singers when he sang. Gary’s mic was always turned up.

The band often closed out their rehearsal time with one of his favorite songs, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Gary would clutch his mic, close his eyes, and belt out the lyrics. He was often given a solo for a chorus.

Gary always told me how “pretty” I looked when I’d show up to shoot The 5th Dementia documentary. He would smile and say that he’d missed me in the time between rehearsal days.

Then one day I was sitting nearby talking to Paul at the piano and heard Gary saying the exact same thing to one of the other ladies who was beaming at his compliments.

Gary could make anyone feel special…..because he was special.

I’ll miss you.

You were and still are a huge part of our film.

Rest in peace.